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Infants can begin enrolling at 3 months of age.



The Beaver Ridge PDO program is a part time program running from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Children can come to us two days a week, either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday depending on our availability and your preference.


There is a $110 registration fee, and then the program is $150 per month. There is a sibling discount if you sign up two children.

What you need to bring

Each day, we ask that you provide us with all food and drink that your child will need while with us. This includes any bottles, sippy cups, snacks, and lunch. We will have you fill out a feeding schedule for your child, so that we keep your baby on their normal schedule. You will also need to provide diapers and a change of clothes in their backpack or diaper bag. All items that belong to your child must be labeled with their name.

We love having these infants in our program.

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