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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between preschool and parent's day out?

At Beaver Ridge, the biggest difference is our age groups. The only true parent's day out classes we have are our infants, one year olds, and two year olds. In those classes, the kids are learning more through play and starting the beginnings of a small circle time, coloring, and sitting to listen to short books. Once the kids hit the three year old class, the days become more structured and revolve around their lessons for the day.

What ages do we enroll?

We begin enrolling at 3 months of age through pre-k.

What is the day like?

The days are different for each class. The infants, one year olds, and two year olds spend the majority of their time playing, with small lessons and reading short books, as it becomes age appropriate. Our preschool classes, ages 3 and up, incorporate more learning into the day. This includes a full circle time, table lessons, fine motor activities, and more.

What curriculum do we use?

We operate under a teacher-based curriculum. The program, as a whole, has topics to cover during each month, including a letter of the week, science focus, math focus, and Christian focus for the month, and the teachers create activities and lessons appropriate for their class and age group surrounding each focus. This allows us to add in activities, such as our Christmas celebration, Thanksgiving Feast, or St. Patrick's Day activities with our different focuses for the month, instead of just following a strict curriculum. We want the kids to learn, and have fun doing it. This also allows the teacher to really personalize their lessons for their classes, as they see how their class learns and stays engaged.

Do the kids eat while they're at school?

Yes. We have a snack time, provided by the us, and you pack a lunch of whatever your child likes to eat. If there are allergies that cause the class to need to go free of that allergen, you will be notified; however, unless you are notified of that, you can bring your child anything they want to have for lunch. We also have pizza day once a month. You pay $5, and your child gets two slices of pizza they want, chips, and a cookie for lunch that day.

Do they need to be potty trained?

That depends on the class they will be in. We ask that children 4 years or older are potty trained to be in the program.

Will the teacher help with potty training?

Absolutely! If your child is three, or younger, and is potty training, your teacher would be happy to help reinforce the potty training while your child is at school. Just let us know when you want to start, and we will help as much as we can while they are with us.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the first day that your child attends each month.

Who can pick up my child?

Only people authorized on your emergency contact list, which is in your registration packet, are allowed to pick up your child. They must have their ID available to show your child's teacher prior to being allowed to leave with your child. If someone who is not on your list is coming to pick up your child, you must let your teacher or the office staff know in the morning what their name is.

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