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Meet Our Staff!


Ms. Vicki, raised a Tennessee girl in Lake City, Tennessee, began her time at Beaver Ridge as a substitute when her children attended preschool. Vicki came to Beaver Ridge seeking fellowship when she and her husband moved into the Karns area and found a wonderful group of welcoming people. She was officially hired as a teacher in August of 2001, when her daughter began kindergarten. She worked in a classroom teaching the oldest class for 13 years, and then was moved into the office as the assistant director. She was quickly bumped up to director, her current position, and has never left. She loves her job here at Beaver Ridge and the freedom that it has given her to spend time with her family, while still doing something she loves. Ms. Vicki is the person who you will likely talk to on the phone when you call, and who is always available to answer your questions.

Vicki Davenport


Ms. Brittany attended Beaver Ridge Preschool as a child, and never left. With her mother always in the building, Brittany was also always around. The summer after her 8th grade year, Brittany was hired as an aid for the office and worked in that position until she graduated. Once enrolled in college, her schedule allowed for her to work one to two days a week during the school year. In addition to her in office responsibilities, Brittany took on the responsibility of running the Beaver Ridge Facebook page, and in February of 2017 she created the Beaver Ridge Preschool website. If you contact us through the website or follow us on Facebook, chances are you will be talking to Brittany, and you will see her popping in and out randomly throughout the year. Don't forget to like us on Facebook!

Brittany Davenport

Office Aid

Ms. Audrey worked for Beaver Ridge as the 4 year old teacher in 1998. After a few years of working, she went back to her previous position in a dental office as a dental assistant. She missed working with children, and began working in the special education department of the school system for ten years and then coordinated school health for three years. In 2014, she returned to Beaver Ridge as our Team Leader. Audrey says that working with these kids and seeing the smiles on their faces makes each day brighter for her. She has been a blessing to our staff, as well as every family she comes into contact with.

Audrey Randles

Team Leader

Ms. Amanda is originally from Nashville, but moved to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee. She has a degree in child and family studies with a minor in psychology from UT, and she received her teaching license from South College. She has worked in several preschools and been employed as a teacher through Knox County schools, but in the past few years she decided to become a stay at home mom. She began subbing for Beaver Ridge in 2014 while her two oldest boys attended and took over the five year old classroom in 2015. She took the following two years off to have her youngest child, but she is so happy to be coming back to teach our five year olds, and we are excited to have her.

Amanda Bannister

Preschool teacher

Ms. Lora was born and raised in Karns. She has a wonderful husband, and two great kids. She found Beaver Ridge when looking for a program for her son attend for preschool. While he was in the program, Lora stayed at home, but when he started kindergarten, she began looking for something to fill her time while her children were at school. She decided to ask about subbing, and it turned out that we had a need for a teacher, which she jumped at the opportunity to take. Ms. Lora teaches in our pre-k class, and we are so happy that she decided she wanted to work with us!!

Lora Markham

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Amy grew up here in Karns. She is married with two beautiful little girls. She grew up close to Ms. Bailey and has kept in touch with her throughout the years. When a position came open, Bailey recommended that Amy apply, and she was loved from the moment she interviewed. She is a wonderful teacher and is so great with her kids, parents, and coworkers. Amy has jumped into the position as a preschool teacher perfectly, and we are so excited to have her here loving the kids and sharing God's love with them.

Amy Hutchens

Preschool teacher

Ms. Bailey grew up right here in Karns. She worked at Beaver Ridge in 2000 as an aide, while her son attended the program. She got married in 2003 and was relocated to Chattanooga where she continued to work in childcare. Bailey's family moved back to Knoxville in 2012, and she began working at Beaver Ridge again in 2014. She loves that she is able to work here and share God's love with every child she comes into contact with, as well as having the extra time that this job gives her to spend time with her children. Bailey says God led her back to Beaver Ridge, and we believe it. She has been a fantastic addition to our program.

Bailey Hanson

Preschool teacher

Ms. Jessica has lived in Karns her whole life and has experience working with children for many years. She stopped working to have her daughter and took nine months off with her from work. Her son attended Beaver Ridge, so when a position came up, she knew she wanted it. She was hired in 2015 and she has been able to bring her daughter to the program with her. The position has allowed her to keep her daughter close, and the hours allow her to be home with her family a lot. She loves children and helping them learn all the things they need to know to help prepare them for their future. Her organization, patience, and love has made her the perfect teacher for her kids.

Jessica Pullins

Preschool teacher

Ms. Erika has always wanted to work with children. She worked thru college to get her degree in teaching, married her high school sweetheart, and had two beautiful children. She has worked with children for a long time and, after her second child was born, she quit to become a stay at home mom. She signed her children up at Beaver Ridge to help them get some interaction outside of their home, and, when a position opened up, she decided she would like to come back to teaching. We love having her here at Beaver Ridge!

Erika Chamberlin

2 year old teacher

Ms. Stacie grew up here in Karns. She worked for several years in the 1 year old room at Beaver Ridge before moving on to a full time job with her husband while her children were in school. An opening came up here shortly after she and her husband lost their jobs, and she decided to come back to work with us at Beaver Ridge. Ms. Stacie has a passion for kids and loves all of them as her own. She was very excited when the opportunity came up to have an infant room in the program, and she jumped at the opportunity to be in that classroom. Every day is a fun, positive day with Stacie and you can always find a smile on her face.

Stacie Sims

Infant room teacher


Ms. Stacy's two oldest son's attended Beaver Ridge as children. When her middle son attended in 2006, she began subbing. She took a few years off of subbing after her middle son graduated from the program, but came back in 2012 when her youngest child was old enough to attend preschool. She was offered the position of the one year old teacher in 2013 and started that summer. After being a stay at home mom for many years, this job has been wonderful for Stacy. She enjoys that the hours allow her time to be home with her family and continue to pick her children up from school. She connects and cares for her students so much, and they absolutely adore her.

Amber Hunt

1 year old teacher

Ms. Spencer has always loved children. She began working at a fitness center in the kids area helping take care of those children. From there, she began babysitting children who were her regulars at the gym, and she met one of our preschool parents. When an opening came up for Spencer's position, this parent immediately recommended her to us and had her send in her resume. She has been a great addition to our program. She loves every child in the program and has a way of making everyone feel happy and have fun.

Spencer Langley

Teaching assistant

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